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Programming language: C#
License: Apache License 2.0
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Latest version: v1.1.0

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SolrNet is an Apache Solr and SolrCloud client for .NET

SolrNet does not attempt to abstract much over Solr, it's assumed that you know what Solr is and how to use it, just as you need to know relational databases before using an ORM.

If you're not familiar with Solr, take your time to follow the Solr tutorial, see the FAQ and the docs. Consider getting a book.


The easiest way to get going is to use our NuGet packages:


Package Description .NET Framework .NET Standard
SolrNet.Core Core library, best used with one of the DI integration packages 4.6 2.0
SolrNet Lightweight DI - commonservicelocator 4.6 2.0
SolrNet.Windsor Castle Windsor integration 4.6 2.0
SolrNet.Microsoft.DependencyInjection Microsoft Core Dependency Injection 4.6.1 2.0
SolrNet.StructureMap StructureMap 4.6 2.0
SolrNet.Ninject Ninject 4.6 2.0
SolrNet.Unity Unity 4.6 2.0
SolrNet.Autofac Autofac 4.6 2.0
SolrNet.SimpleInjector SimpleInjector 4.6 2.0


Package Description .NET Framework .NET Standard
SolrNet.Cloud.Core Core library, best used with one of the DI integration packages 4.6 2.0
SolrNet.Cloud Lightweight DI - commonservicelocator 4.6 2.0
SolrNet.Cloud.Unity Unity 4.6 2.0
SolrNet.Cloud.Autofac Autofac 4.6 2.0

Documentation index

  • [Overview and basic usage](Documentation/Basic-usage.md)
  • [Basic cloud usage](Documentation/Basic-usage-cloud.md)
  • [Mapping](Documentation/Mapping.md)
  • [Initialization](Documentation/Initialization.md)
  • [Create/Update/Delete](Documentation/CRUD.md)
  • [Querying](Documentation/Querying.md)
  • [Faceting](Documentation/Facets.md)
  • [Highlighting](Documentation/Highlighting.md)
  • [More like this](Documentation/More-like-this.md)
  • [Spell checking](Documentation/Spell-checking.md)
  • [Stats](Documentation/Stats.md)
  • [Field collapsing / grouping](Documentation/Field-collapsing.md)
  • [Core admin](Documentation/Core-admin.md)
  • [Overriding the default mapper](Documentation/Overriding-mapper.md)
  • [Accessing multiple Solr cores / instances](Documentation/Multi-core-instance.md)
  • [Mapping validation](Documentation/Schema-Mapping-validation.md)
  • [Binary document upload](Documentation/Extract.md)
  • [Sample web application](Documentation/Sample-application.md)
  • [FAQ](Documentation/FAQ.md)
  • [Websites, products and companies using SolrNet](Documentation/Powered-by-SolrNet.md)

### Contributing

See [Contributing](contributing.md)

Release notes

See [Change Log](changelog.md)