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Latest version: v4.2
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Topshelf - An easy service hosting framework for building Windows services using .NET

Topshelf is a framework for hosting services written using the .NET framework. The creation of services is simplified, allowing developers to create a simple console application that can be installed as a service using Topshelf. The reason for this is simple: It is far easier to debug a console application than a service. And once the application is tested and ready for production, Topshelf makes it easy to install the application as a service.

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Apache 2.0 - see LICENSE


Getting started with Topshelf

Get started in four simple steps!

Step 1 (get the bits): The easiest way to get Topshelf in your project is to use NuGet.

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  1. Clone
  2. Branch
  3. Make changes
  4. Push
  5. Make a pull request


  1. Clone the source down to your machine. git clone git://github.com/Topshelf/Topshelf.git
  2. Important: Run build.bat in order to generate the SolutionVersion.cs file which is otherwise missing.
    • You must have git on the path in order to do this. (Right click on Computer > Advanced System Settings, Advanced (tab) > Environment Variables... > Append the git executable's directory at the end of the PATH environment variable.
  3. Edit with Visual Studio 2015 or alternatively edit and run build.bat.
  4. Topshelf uses the .NET Framework v4.5.2.

Editing in Visual Studio

  1. Run build.bat in the root folder.
  2. Set Visual Studio Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> All Languages -> Tabs to use "Tab Size" = 4, "Indent Size" = 4, and "Insert Spaces"
  3. Double-click/open the .sln file.

Deploying TopShelf with Azure DevOps

The Windows Service Manager Azure DevOps extension supports TopShelf deployments to a group of target machines or a deployment group target.


To run the build, a Visual Studio 2015 compatible environment should be setup.


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