Workflow Server v2.6 Release Notes

    • 📚 Updated to Workflow Engine .NET 4.2
    • Support of the multi-server mode has been added. If you need to run the Workflow Server instance in multi-server mode, add the following setting to the config.json file.
        "IsMultiServer": true
    • ➕ Added database logs with records search possibility.
    • Added new Workflow API methods for managing a Workflow Server instance. Start, Stop and IsActive.
    • ➕ Added ability to develop the end-user forms (frontend interface) based on Vue.js. It is the beta version. Access control for these forms will be added in the next version. It is also possible in the next version the base library of controls will be changed.

    🚀 If you use global Code Actions and you have several servers deployed, then to apply the changes you need to restart each of them. To do this, you can use the Start method from the Workflow API.

    ⬆️ The following additional actions must be taken to upgrade to Workflow Server 2.6: