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  • v2.32 Changes

    (= (comp) identity)
    => true
  • v2.31 Changes

    📄 A def can now have a docstring between name and value.

    (def foo "a foo" :foo)
  • v2.30 Changes

    It's a best practice to name the threads in an executor thread pool with a custom ThreadFactory so that the purpose of these threads is clear in thread dumps and other runtime operational tools.

    Patch causes thread names like:

    clojure-agent-send-pool-%d     (should be fixed # of threads)
    clojure-agent-send-off-pool-%d (will be added and removed over time)
  • v2.29 Changes

    This patch allows clojure.main to accept an argument pointing to a namespace to look for a -main function in. This allows users to write -main functions that will work the same whether the code is AOT-compiled for use in an executable jar or just run from source.

  • v2.28 Changes

    Promoting this library eliminates the need for a dependency on old contrib.

  • v2.27 Changes

    This adds InputStream, Reader, File, byte[] to the list of inputs for

  • v2.26 Changes

    ➕ Adds special form docs to the REPL

  • v2.25 Changes

    Now you can chain calls on the proxy

  • v2.24 Changes

    🆕 Newline sequence is output as \r\n on Windows now.

  • v2.23 Changes

    🚚 All test helpers moved into clojure.test-helper