Dropbox.NET v4.9.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-10-07 // 6 months ago
  • What's New:

    • Files namespace:
      • Added new ExportInfo struct
      • Added new fields (is_downloadable, export_info) to FileMetadata
      • Added new include_non_downloadable_files to ListFolderArg
      • Added new ExportMetadata, ExportArg, Export Result Structs
      • Added new ExportError union
      • Added new /export route
    • Sharing namespace:
      • Added password field to LinkAudience
      • Added effective_audience and link_access_level fields to LinkPermissions struct
      • Updated docstrings for LinkPermissions
      • Added audience and access fields to SharedLinkSettings struct
      • New LinkAccessLevel and RequestedLinkAccessLevel union
      • Added new create_view_link and create_edit_link fields to FileAction union
    • Team_log namespace:
      • New types added
    • Team_policies namespace:
      • New TwoStepVerificationState union
    • Team_reports namespace:
      • New TemporaryFailureReason union added.

Previous changes from v4.9.3

  • What's New:

    Common Namespace:

    • Force matching dot character in alias EmailAddress

    - Allow DisplayNameLegacy to support a name of zero chars

    Contacts namespace:

    • New namespace
    • New routes: delete_manual_contacts and delete_manual_contacts_batch

    - New argument structs for new routes

    File_properties namespace:

    - Doesn't allow app folder app to access file property endpoints.

    Files namespace:

    - Create copy_batch:2 and move_batch:2 endpoints. Deprecate existing copy_batch and move_batch.

    Sharing namespace:

    - Add no_one option to LinkAudience union

    Sharing_files namespace:

    - Doesn't allow app folder app to access sharing files endpoints.

    Teams namespace:

    • Only Team apps with Team member file access can access team/properties endpoints.
    • Add is_disconnected boolean to RemovedStatus struct

    - Add error response type to namespace/list route

    Team_log namespace:

    • New event types added