NsDepCop v2.0.0 Release Notes

  • (06/2021)

    The big change in this version is that the implementation changed from MSBuild task + Visual Studio Extension to a standard Roslyn analyzer.

    • [x] NsDepCop must be added to a project as a NuGet package.
    • [x] Appears in Solution Explorer: project / Dependencies / Analyzers / NsDepCop.Analyzer
    • [x] Issue severities can be configured that same way as other analyzers (use Visual Studio or .editorconfig files).
    • [x] Works both at build time and inside Visual Studio editor.
    • [x] Requires Visual Studio 2019 (16.10.0 or later).
    • [x] Supports .NET Core / .NET 5 / etc. projects too.
    • [x] Uses Roslyn 3.9.0.

    🚚 Stuff that was removed:

    • [x] No need for the NsDepCop Visual Studio Extension any more.
    • [x] No need for the out-of-process service host any more.
    • [x] Dropped support for VS 2015/2017. For those, use NsDepCop v1.11.0.
    • [x] Config attributes no longer supported (ignored): CodeIssueKind, MaxIssueCountSeverity, InfoImportance, AnalyzerServiceCallRetryTimeSpans.

    Other info:

    • [x] AutoLowerMaxIssueCount feature is temporarily not supported.