Roslynator v3.0.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-10-19 // 4 months ago

    ➕ Add analyzer RCS0055 (Fix formatting of a binary expression chain)

    ➕ Add analyzer RCS0054 (Fix formatting of a call chain)

    ➕ Add analyzer RCS0053 (Fix formatting of a list)

    ➕ Add analyzer RCS0052 (Add newline before equals sign instead of after it (or vice versa))

    ➕ Add analyzer RCS1248 (Use 'is null' pattern instead of comparison (or vice versa)) (issue)

    ➕ Add analyzer RCS1247 (Fix documentation comment tag)

    ➕ Add analyzer option RCS1207i (Convert method group to anonymous function)

    ➕ Add analyzer option RCS1090i (Remove call to 'ConfigureAwait')

    ➕ Add analyzer option RCS1018i (Remove accessibility modifiers) (issue)

    ➕ Add analyzer option RCS1014i (Use implicitly typed array)

    ➕ Add analyzer option RCS1014a (Use implicitly typed array (when type is obvious))

    ➕ Add analyzer option RCS1078i (Use string.Empty instead of "")

    ➕ Add analyzer option RCS1016a (Convert expression-body to block body when expression is multi-line)

    ➕ Add analyzer option RCS1016b (Convert expression-body to block body when declaration is multi-line)

    0️⃣ Disable by default analyzer RCS1207i (Convert method group to anonymous function)

    ✂ Remove analyzer RCS1219 (Call 'Enumerable.Skip' and 'Enumerable.Any' instead of 'Enumerable.Count')

    📄 Rename analyzer "Avoid 'null' on left side of binary expression" to "Constant values should be placed on right side of comparisons" RCS1098

    📄 Rename analyzer "Simplify boolean expression" to "Unncessary null check" RCS1199 (issue)

    More syntax is considered as having obvious type:

    • string literal
    • character literal
    • boolean literal
    • implicit array creation that contains only expressions whose type is obvious

Previous changes from v3.0.0

  • 🆕 New Analyzers

    • 🚚 RCS0048 (Remove newlines from initializer with single-line expression).
    • 📄 RCS0049 (Add empty line after top comment).
    • 📄 RCS0050 (Add empty line before top declaration).
    • 📄 RCS0051 (Add newline between closing brace and 'while' keyword (or vice versa)).
    • 📄 RCS1246 (Use element access).

    🆕 New Refactorings

    • ♻️ RR0214 (Convert 'switch' expression to 'switch' statement).