Programming language: C#
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 or later
Latest version: v4.1.1

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A collection of 500+ [analyzers](src/Analyzers/README.md), [refactorings](src/Refactorings/README.md) and [fixes](src/CodeFixes/README.md) for C#, powered by Roslyn.



  • Although Roslynator products are free of charge, any donation is welcome and supports further development.
  • [List of donations](Donations.md)

Extensions for Visual Studio

Extension Comment
Roslynator 2022 contains analyzers, refactorings and fixes for CS diagnostics.
Roslynator 2019 contains analyzers, refactorings and fixes for CS diagnostics.

Extensions for Visual Studio Code

Extension Comment
Roslynator contains analyzers, refactorings and fixes for CS diagnostics.

NuGet Analyzers

Package Version Comment
Roslynator.Analyzers NuGet common analyzers (RCS1xxx) (list)
Roslynator.CodeAnalysis.Analyzers NuGet analyzers for Roslyn API (RCS9xxx) (list)
Roslynator.Formatting.Analyzers NuGet formatting analyzers (RCS0xxx) (list)

Note: All analyzers in package Roslynator.Formatting.Analyzers are disabled by default.

Roslynator Client Libraries

  • Roslynator client libraries are meant be used for development of your own analyzers/refactorings.
  • It does not contain any analyzers/refactorings itself.
  • See [reference](docs/api/README.md).
Package Version Built on top of
Roslynator.Core NuGet Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Common
Roslynator.Workspaces.Core NuGet Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Workspaces.Common
Roslynator.CSharp NuGet Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp
Roslynator.CSharp.Workspaces NuGet Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.Workspaces

Roslynator Command Line Tool  NuGet

Run following command to install Roslynator command line tool:

dotnet tool install -g roslynator.dotnet.cli
  • [Documentation](docs/cli/README.md)
  • [Change log](src/CommandLine/ChangeLog.md)

Roslynator Testing Framework

  • Roslynator Testing Framework can be used for unit testing of analyzers, refactorings and code fixes.
  • Framework is distributed as NuGet package.  NuGet
  • Learn how to use the framework from actual usages in Roslynator repo:
    • Tests of analyzers are [here](src/Tests/Analyzers.Tests), [here](src/Tests/CodeAnalysis.Analyzers.Tests) and [here](src/Tests/Formatting.Analyzers.Tests)
    • Tests of refactorings are [here](src/Tests/Refactorings.Tests)
    • Tests of fixes of compiler diagnostics are [here](src/Tests/CodeFixes.Tests)


  • [How to Configure Roslynator](docs/Configuration.md)
  • [Analyzers vs. Refactorings](docs/AnalyzersVsRefactorings.md)
  • [How to Fix All Diagnostics in a Solution](docs/HowToFixAllDiagnostics.md)
  • [How to Generate API Documentation](docs/HowToGenerateDocumentation.md)

Would you like to improve Roslynator documentation? Please see [how to update documentation](docs/HowToUpdateDocumentation.md).

Other Projects

  • Snippetica - A collection of snippets for C++, C#, HTML, JSON, Markdown, VB, XAML and XML
  • DotMarkdown - Markdown framework for .NET
  • LINQ to Regex - A library that provides language integrated access to .NET regular expressions
  • Snippet Manager - A library that enables to work with Visual Studio snippets
  • Regexator - A comprehensive development environment for .NET regular expressions