StockSharp v4.6.6.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-04-05 // over 5 years ago
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    🔄 Change log:

    • (bug) InteractiveBrokers. Fix historical ticks request.
    • (feature) Charting. Uses DateRangeWindow to set candle series From and To.
    • 🚚 (feature) StorageCandleSource removed as obsolete.
    • (bug) Connector. IsBack MD messages for News fix.
    • 👍 (feature) Connector. Market data events now support News subscriptions.
    • 🏗 (bug) CandleBuilderMessageAdapter. Fix build unsubscribe.
    • 0️⃣ (feature) IStorageRegistry.DefaultDrive setter added.
    • (bug) FileProgressWindow closing fix.
    • (bug) ConnectorWindow. Show missed column names.
    • (feature) Charting. StochasticOscillatorPainter.
    • (bug) Kraken margin position obtain fix.
    • (feature) IFileService.GetUploadLimit return value int -> long.
    • (feature) Charting. Auto and manual select candles series for indicators.
    • (bug) Charting. Fix auto select appropriate candle series.
    • (bug) FIX connector. Fix process unknown outgoing messages.
    • 🛠 (bug) AlfaDirect, Transaq. PortfolioMessage processing fixes.
    • (bug) Charting. OptionPositionChart. Legend binding fix.
    • (bug) Charting. Options charts theme binding fix.
    • (bug) HistoryEmulationConnector. Fix external sources processing.