WorkflowEngine v5.0._update Release Notes

  • ⬆️ The following additional actions must be taken to upgrade to Workflow Engine 5.0:

    • ⚡️ Warning. If using Redis, please, contact our support for update instructions.
    • Run the SQL script update_4_2_to_5_0 for all relative databases and MongoDB.
    • ⚡️ Update all files related to the Designer. They are available here.
    • Be mindful, that these files must be linked to the designer page:
      • workflowdesigner.min.css
      • workflowdesigner.min.js
      • jquery

    All the other javascript libraries previously required, do not need a separate attachement for they are now compiled inside workflowdesigner.min.js.

    • Pay attention to the new way of initializating a WorkflowDesigner object instance.
      wfdesigner = new WorkflowDesigner({
        name: 'simpledesigner',
        apiurl: '/Designer/API',
        renderTo: 'wfdesigner',
        templatefolder: '/templates/',
        graphwidth: graphwidth,
        graphheight: graphheight
    • Indicating the path to the images folder is no longer required and the folder can be deleted.
    • Yet, the path to the templates folder must be specified as it contains templates for all the forms and the library of schemes.
    • It is advised to reimplement WorkflowDesigner initializations, as is shown here.

      • If you are using .NET Framework you may need to use Request.Unvalidated[key] instead of context.Request.Form[key] in the DesignerConroller.cs.
      • Attention. Event handlers OnSchemaWasChanged and OnSchemaWasChangedAsync are now initialized inside a locked process. That is, prior to releasing the Running status. The code, as described in the documentation will continue to work as expected without need to change it. Yet, if SetActivityWithoutExecution[Async] or SetActivityWithExecution[Async] are called in these handlers, it should be done using this flag doNotSetRunningStatus = true. In turn, if you utilized methods ExecuteCommand, SetSatate and similar, be aware that there methods which lock the process. Therefore, is might be best to use methods: SetActivityWithoutExecution[Async] or SetActivityWithExecution[Async]. If you have implemented a complicated logic for updating schemes which leads to a failed attempt at updating you WFE version because of this change, reach us at [email protected] and we'll help you.