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PayPal Merchant SDK for .NET

TLSv1.2 Update

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Council has mandated that early versions of TLS be retired from service. All organizations that handle credit card information are required to comply with this standard. As part of this obligation, PayPal is updating its services to require TLS 1.2 for all HTTPS connections. At this time, PayPal will also require HTTP/1.1 for all connections. Click here for more information

A new mode has been created to test if your server/machine handles TLSv1.2 connections. Please use security-test-sandbox mode instead of sandbox to verify. You can return back to sandbox mode once you have verified.

The repository contains the PayPal Merchant SDK C#.NET Class Library Application and the PayPalAPISample Sample ASP.NET C# Web Application.

SDK Integration

  • Integrate the PayPal Merchant SDK with an ASP.NET Web Application

  • Use NuGet to install the 'PayPalMerchantSDK' package

  • The NuGet package installs the dependencies to the solution and automatically updates the project

  • Dependent library references: • 'log4net.dll' • 'PayPalCoreSDK.dll' • 'PayPalMerchantSDK.dll' • 'PayPalPermissionsSDK.dll'

  • Namespaces: • PayPal • PayPal.PayPalAPIInterfaceService • PayPal.PayPalAPIInterfaceService.Model • PayPal.Util • PayPal.Exception


Please contact PayPal Technical Support for any live or account issues.

Using Classic SDKs and PayPal .NET SDK

If you need to use one of the Classic SDKs along with the PayPal .NET SDK (which uses PayPal's REST APIs), then you will need to do the following to your project to allow everything to work properly:

  1. Update your project's web.config to the following:
    <section name="paypal" type="PayPal.SDKConfigHandler, PayPal" />

  <!-- PayPal SDK settings -->
      <add name="mode" value="sandbox"/>

      <!-- REST API credentials -->
      <add name="clientId" value="_client_Id_"/>
      <add name="clientSecret" value="_client_secret_"/>

      <!-- Classic API credentials -->
      <add name="account1.apiUsername" value="_api_username_"/>
      <add name="account1.apiPassword" value="_api_password_"/>
  1. When creating the main services object for any of the Classic SDKs, first create the config to be used by the service using the ConfigManager instance from the PayPal.Api namespace. Then pass that config object into the constructor for the Classic SDK service object:
// Get the config properties from PayPal.Api.ConfigManager
Dictionary<string, string> config = PayPal.Api.ConfigManager.Instance.GetProperties();

// Create the Classic SDK service instance to use.
PayPalAPIInterfaceServiceService service = new PayPalAPIInterfaceServiceService(config);


  • Upgrade Process from Legacy Merchant SDK

  • Merchant.bat - Automation script that builds the PayPal Merchant SDK C#.NET Class Library Application in release mode and copies the built dlls to the lib folder in the PayPalAPISample Sample ASP.NET C# Web Application

  • Changelog.txt - Release Notes

  • DotNetSDK.SandcastleGUI - Tool to create the documentation of the PayPal Merchant SDK

  • LICENSE.txt - PayPal, Inc. SDK License

  • Installing NuGet in Visual Studio 2010 and 2012.pdf - Guide to Install NuGet in Visual Studio 2010 and 2012

  • Integrating NuGet with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.pdf - Guide to Integrate NuGet with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Paypal Merchant SDK README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.