it's secure and framework agnostic. Inspired by the top Query Builders available, like Laravel Query Builder, and Knex.

SqlKata has an expressive API. it follows a clean naming convention, which is very similar to the SQL syntax.

It make writing SQL queries easy and funny, with no need to read long pages of documentations.

It provides a level of abstraction over the supported database engines, that allows you to work with multiple databases with the same unified API.

SqlKata supports complex queries, such as nested conditions, selection from SubQuery, filtering over SubQueries, Conditional Statements, Deep Joins and others. Currently it has built-in compilers for SqlServer 2008 and above, MySql 5 and PostgreSql 9.

Programming language: C#
Tags: Database     SQL     Query    

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Good documentation and easy and predictable api
Let you write complex query easily, without loosing the flexibility of Raw SQL queries, and with a good level of database abstraction

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