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  • v5.2

    February 01, 2020

    It's the details ...

    🍱 RepoZ 5.2 is here and wow - you won't even notice. 🚀

    Actually, I fixed some minor but annoying issues and updated grr and grrui. Let's dig in:

    grr and grrui can now return & copy the directory of a repository. Use the "Get Directory" command grr gd .... This will write the repository directory to stdout and additionally copy it to your clipboard. In grrui , there's a new button for that.

    Don't miss to learn about the power of grr with grr help!

    Speaking of grr and grrui , they're both neat .NET Core 3.1 apps now ❤️

    🛠 Even more important are the minor bug fixes like the following (and some I won't even mention):

    • 🏁 an issue with the Windows Terminal Preview in combination with grr cd ... (#95)
    • an issue with opening files with grr open ... (#94)
    • a rendering issue #87 which should finally be gone for good

    As always, I hope you enjoy using RepoZ.

    If you think you do, please consider to star this repository.
    If you really do, I'm also on Twitter: Twitter Waescher. Follow me.

    🍱 Have fun ✋

  • v5.1

    November 07, 2019

    Time to improve

    👀 It has been a quiet time in here even though the download count is still rising. I'm happy to see this, thank you.
    🏗 In meantime, I found some time to improve and build a minor version for you.

    👀 Let's see.

    💻 UI-Improvements

    🚀 The most prominent change in this release should be the changes to the UI. The following image shows version 5.0 on the left side versus 5.1 on the right.
    👍 The status string is now rendered within a light border and uses a monospace font. I think it reflects its close relationship to the source code better now. I hope you like it.


    💅 You'll find the same style in RepoZ for macOS as well.

    Screenshot 2019-07-29 at 15 49 58


    👍 Thanks to our friend @pedoc and his Pull Request #84, RepoZ now comes with localization support. Right now, English, German and Chinese are supported.

    🍱 Cheers mate 🍺


    RepoZ is a great tool to track unfinished work over all repositories. Until now, this included uncommited file changes or commits you did not push yet.
    Starting with version 5.1, RepoZ will also show the count of the stashes you parked away in the past within the status string.


    Filter on todo's

    As stated out above, RepoZ can be very handy to track unfinished work. However, one thing that has been missing for me personally was the possibility to get an overview of these changed ones exclusively.
    That's where version 5.1 comes in: By using the predefined filter todo, you can filter on repositories with unfinished work, like uncommited file changes, unpushed commits or as written above: repositories with stashed changes.


    Of course, this is also possible with grr and grrui.



    Unfortunately, grrui still has to use alternative characters because the awesome Terminal UI library gui.cs from Miguel de Icaza does not support the characters RepoZ uses, yet. More details over here.

    You don't have to memorize predefined filters and the filter targets I wrote about as version 5.0 came out. It's all in the help screen of grr --help


    Minor improvements

    🛠 As always, there are a few minor improvements to make RepoZ even more reliable. One of these fixes issue #76 , an issue I encountered a few times in the past when my dev machine ran a few weeks 24/7.

    🏁 If you're using the new Windows Terminal preview, you may be happy to hear that grr cd ... is now able to change the directory there as well.

    ⚡️ Some users reported ugly UI glitches #87 with the latest Windows update. This is fixed now as well.

    As always, I hope you enjoy using RepoZ.

    If you think you do, please consider to star this repository.
    If you really do, I'm also on Twitter: Twitter Waescher. Follow me.

    🍱 Have fun ✋

  • v5.0

    April 04, 2019

    🍱 Thank you 💯

    🍱 It has been quite a while and RepoZ grew from a proof-of-concept in April 2017 to a 100 ⭐️ GitHub project 🎉🥳

    👍 Seriously, thank you! To all of you, supporting this by downloading RepoZ, adding improvement proposals (yes, talking about issues) and maybe even supporting via the "Ping back" menu item.

    Ping back

    🏗 To celebrate the 100th star, I've prepared a new build for you and this one is quite massive.

    Let's dig in ...

    🏁 Acrylic Windows UI.

    ⚡️ The Windows app enjoyed another UI update. It now makes use of acrylic blurs and got rid of the title bar.
    🏗 I hope you like it. If you are not sure if you do, here's a comparison with an early build of the PoC phase:


    Manage repositories

    🔧 One of my top priorities during all the time was to keep the UI of RepoZ as slick as possible. I did not want to add thousand options and technical stuff developers love to implement. It should be very self explanatory and work without any configuration at all.

    However I felt that a bit is missing: If a repository is detected (with "Scan" or by auto-detect) it was in RepoZ forever. Noone knew the place where the cached repositories could be cleared for example. It was possible but the secret path to the config files was not very known I think (it's %APPDATA%\RepoZ or ~/.config/RepoZ).

    So now, RepoZ offers the possibility to clear the repository list completely, so you can add repositories again as you like.


    Ignore repositories

    👀 As you might have seen in the last image, there's a new command "Reset ignore rules" as well. This leads to a quite prominent feature: Ignore repositories.

    Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 12 59 40

    🏁 By ignoring repositories, they will not appear in RepoZ, grr and grrui anymore. RepoZ will also stop to add the branch and file status to Windows Explorer titles for ignored repositories. So called "Ignores" will be persisted and match repositories by their path. If you move them around, they might re-appear until you ignore them again.

    👀 As you know by now, there's an option to reset these ignore rules (see "Manage repositories") completely. If you do, the ignored repositories will then appear as soon as a change is detected in there or you scan your machine manually.
    That means former ignored repositories will not pop out of nowhere back to the UI because they have been there in the past. RepoZ needs to detect them again.

    🍎 Context menus and multiselection on macOS

    Another improvement for my beloved Mac users: RepoZ finally comes with context menus to open a finder window, the terminal, fetch/pull/push repositories or ignore them. Of course, this works with multiselection as well.

    🍎 This finally closes the gap between the Windows version and the Mac version - if you are willing to ignore the fact that RepoZ does not provide macOS Finder title extensions like it does for the Windows Explorer.

    🍎 macOSContextMenu

    Filter targets

    Up to this version, it was possible to filter for repository names only. Now, you can filter repositories by their name, current branch as well as their full path on the file system.
    🛠 This is possible with prefixes like "n ", "b " & "p " and works in RepoZ, grr and grrui.

    filter targets

    • 👀 Please see issue 68 for more details on that.

    Further improvements

    🏁 Every developer likes to say that there's way more to it. Invisible improvements everywhere. Actually, there's one every Windows user should notice immediately: There's no delay anymore if you wake RepoZ from the Windows tray, making it way more comfortable to use.

    As always, I hope you enjoy using RepoZ.
    🍱 Have fun ✋

  • v4.5

    April 03, 2019
  • v4.0

    February 04, 2019

    Return of the Mac

    🍎 grr on macOS

    RepoZ is back in version 4 and now ships grr as dotnet core executable. That means, grr is cross-platform now and therefore available on macOS as well 🎉

    You can use grr from anywhere in macOS to query the repository information from RepoZ in command line.

    🍎 Auto fetch

    However, there's a restriction: On Windows, grr cd RepoZ would directly jump to the repository's directory. On Mac, grr only copies the command to jump to the clipboard. So by now, you have to paste and execute that command manually.


    As a big fan of the awesome Terminal GUI framework gui.cs from the even more awesome Miguel de Icaza, RepoZ now ships with a second command line sidekick: grrui

    🍎 Auto fetch

    grrui is basically an interactive Terminal GUI for grr. Both are available as global tools on the command line in Windows and macOS. Choose wisely.

    🍎 Package installer on macOS

    Thanks to grr and grrui , RepoZ for Mac is not a single app file anymore. From now on, RepoZ will be available as package installer for macOS. It will install RepoZ as app and both command line tools (to /usr/local/bin). Additionally, it registers a launch deamon to launch RepoZ with the system. It has never been easier to get RepoZ to the Mac.

    🍎 macOS Installer

    Auto fetch

    Last but surely not least, a feature I learned to love as I implemented it. I was not sure whether it was a good idea as I read the feature suggestions #45 & #52 posted by ScottRFrost and twenzel at first.

    👀 Auto fetch will automatically fetch your git repositories for you so that you can easily see how far local repositories got behind their remotes. Very subtle yet quite helpful.

    🍎 Auto fetch

    Don't panic, git fetch won't bring you in trouble with local changes. Unlike git pull it will not touch your local files. I'd like to encourage you to give it a try, it's available for Windows and macOS.

    🍱 Thanks mates 🎉
    ScottRFrost twenzel

    That's it with version 4. As always, I hope you enjoy using RepoZ.
    🍱 Have fun ✋

  • v4.0-alpha

    December 18, 2018

    ✅ First preview version to test the new Auto-fetch feature.


  • v3.3

    October 10, 2018

    Party like it's 1999

    🏁 ... when Windows install wizards were a thing 🧙

    🏁 Finally, I pulled out good old NSIS to make a Windows Installer for RepoZ and grr.
    🏁 It will install RepoZ and add its directory to the Windows PATH variable. Hopefully, this will lower the barriers to use grr in your command line tools since manual steps to edit the PATH are now a thing of the past.

    🏁 Windows Installer

    🚀 This release also brings RegEx filters back to grr.

    0️⃣ By default, repository filters are LIKE-filters, so grr Rep returns all repositories containing "rep" (case insensitive) no matter if it is at the beginning, end or middle of the name.
    If you need more control, you can put square brackets around your filter to use the power of Regular Expressions so if you want to search for repositories ending with "Z", for example, just go with grr [.*Z] .

  • v3.2

    September 27, 2018

    🍱 Or: Mojave 🏜

    🚀 This release makes RepoZ a first class citizen for macOS Mojave 10.14.
    👍 It fully supports the brand new Dark Mode and makes use of the new Accent Colors you can choose freely, like Red and Blue:


    This version also includes some minor tweaks I won't bore you with.

    Most interesting for Windows users: grr got a bit friendlier now and does not want you to type regex'es for like searches. You can now search your repositories with like by default so grr epo will return "R epo Z", for example.
    In earlier releases, you had to type grr .*epo.*

  • v3.1.1

    July 02, 2018

    🚀 This service release lowers RepoZ' CPU impact on Windows (see issue #46).

  • v3.1

    May 25, 2018

    Final(ly) on Mac

    🍎 25 days have passed since RepoZ had it's comeback to macOS as preview build. Now, I am proud to announce that RepoZ made it to a stable build for both: Windows and macOS.

    ⚡️ The Windows version was updated to match the popup-like nature of the Mac app, so there's no close button anymore. Instead it got a search box as the Mac app did from the beginning. As a popup, the window will hide itself once it loses focus so there's no need to minimize or close the window anymore.

    💻 repoz-readme-ui-both

    ⚡️ In addition, both versions can now be used with the keyboard. And they can check for updates automatically (however they will just give you a hint, so you stay in control).

    💅 Both apps were slightly polished and show an "empty hint" as long as there are no repositories to track. This comes with the biggest change for Windows users: RepoZ won't scan the hard drives automatically on startup anymore. That caused much IO load on machines with lots of and/or big HDDs. Instead, the persistent repository cache was improved and the trigger to scan for repositories has to be given by the user manually. I expect you to not trigger that very often since new repositories are detected on git-clone or while switching or checking out branches automatically.

    💻 One last thing: As a result of the keyboard-optimization, there are hotkeys now to open the RepoZ UI.
    🏁 For Windows, use Ctrl+Alt+R. On Mac it's Command+Alt+R. However on Mac you need to give RepoZ access to the keyboard events in the system privacy settings. Once you have done this, you might need to restart the app.