RepoZ v5.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-01 // over 2 years ago
  • It's the details ...

    🍱 RepoZ 5.2 is here and wow - you won't even notice. 🚀

    Actually, I fixed some minor but annoying issues and updated grr and grrui. Let's dig in:

    grr and grrui can now return & copy the directory of a repository. Use the "Get Directory" command grr gd .... This will write the repository directory to stdout and additionally copy it to your clipboard. In grrui , there's a new button for that.

    Don't miss to learn about the power of grr with grr help!

    Speaking of grr and grrui , they're both neat .NET Core 3.1 apps now ❤️

    🛠 Even more important are the minor bug fixes like the following (and some I won't even mention):

    • 🏁 an issue with the Windows Terminal Preview in combination with grr cd ... (#95)
    • an issue with opening files with grr open ... (#94)
    • a rendering issue #87 which should finally be gone for good

    As always, I hope you enjoy using RepoZ.

    If you think you do, please consider to star this repository.
    If you really do, I'm also on Twitter: Twitter Waescher. Follow me.

    🍱 Have fun ✋