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High-performance, low-allocating JSON object diff and patch extension for System.Text.Json.


  • Compatible with jsondiffpatch delta format
  • Support generating patch document in RFC 6902 JSON Patch format
  • Target latest .NET Standard and .NET Framework 4.6.1 (for legacy apps) and leverage latest .NET features
  • Alternative to jsondiffpatch.net which is based on Newtonsoft.Json
  • Fast large JSON document diffing with less memory consumption (see benchmark)
  • Support smart array diffing (e.g. move detect) using LCS (Longest Common Subsequence) and custom array item matcher
  • (Only when not using RFC 6902 format) Support diffing long text using google-diff-match-patch, or write your own diff algorithm
  • Bonus DeepEquals method for comparing JsonDocument, JsonElement and JsonNode
  • Bonus DeepClone method
  • Bonus JsonValueComparer that implements semantic comparison of two JsonValue objects
  • JSON assert for xUnit, MSTest v2 and NUnit with customizable delta output


PM> Install-Package SystemTextJson.JsonDiffPatch
xUnit Assert
PM> Install-Package SystemTextJson.JsonDiffPatch.Xunit
MSTest v2 Assert
PM> Install-Package SystemTextJson.JsonDiffPatch.MSTest
NUnit Assert
PM> Install-Package SystemTextJson.JsonDiffPatch.NUnit



// Diff JsonNode
var node1 = JsonNode.Parse("{\"foo\":\"bar\"}");
var node2 = JsonNode.Parse("{\"baz\":\"qux\", \"foo\":\"bar\"}");
var diff = node1.Diff(node2);
// Diff with options
var diff = node1.Diff(node2, new JsonDiffOptions
    JsonElementComparison = JsonElementComparison.Semantic
// Diff and convert delta into RFC 6902 JSON Patch format
var diff = node1.Diff(node2, new JsonPatchDeltaFormatter());
// Diff JSON files
var diff = JsonDiffPatcher.DiffFile(file1, file2);
// Diff Span<byte>
var diff = JsonDiffPatcher.Diff(span1, span2);
// Diff streams
var diff = JsonDiffPatcher.Diff(stream1, stream2);
// Diff JSON strings
var diff = JsonDiffPatcher.Diff(json1, json2);
// Diff JSON readers
var diff = JsonDiffPatcher.Diff(ref reader1, ref reader2);

Patch & Unpatch

var node1 = JsonNode.Parse("{\"foo\":\"bar\"}");
var node2 = JsonNode.Parse("{\"baz\":\"qux\", \"foo\":\"bar\"}");
var diff = node1.Diff(node2);
// In-place patch
JsonDiffPatcher.Patch(ref node1, diff);
// Clone & patch
var patched = node1.PatchNew(diff);
// In-place unpatch
JsonDiffPatcher.ReversePatch(ref node1, diff);
// Clone & unpatch
var patched = node1.ReversePatchNew(diff);


// JsonDocument
var doc1 = JsonDocument.Parse("{\"foo\":1}");
var doc2 = JsonDocument.Parse("{\"foo\":1.0}");
var equal = doc1.DeepEquals(doc2);
var textEqual = doc1.DeepEquals(doc2, JsonElementComparison.RawText);
var semanticEqual = doc1.DeepEquals(doc2, JsonElementComparison.Semantic);

// JsonNode
var node1 = JsonNode.Parse("{\"foo\":1}");
var node2 = JsonNode.Parse("{\"foo\":1.0}");
var equal = node1.DeepEquals(node2);
var textEqual = node1.DeepEquals(node2, JsonElementComparison.RawText);
var semanticEqual = node1.DeepEquals(node2, JsonElementComparison.Semantic);


var node = JsonNode.Parse("{\"foo\":\"bar\"}");
var cloned = node.DeepClone();

Default Options

// Default diff options
JsonDiffPatcher.DefaultOptions = () => new JsonDiffOptions
    JsonElementComparison = JsonElementComparison.Semantic

// Default comparison mode for DeepEquals
JsonDiffPatcher.DefaultComparison = JsonElementComparison.Semantic;

Semantic Value Comparison

var node1 = JsonNode.Parse("\"2019-11-27\"");
var node2 = JsonNode.Parse("\"2019-11-27T00:00:00.000\"");
// dateCompare is 0
var dateCompare = JsonValueComparer.Compare(node1, node2);

var node3 = JsonNode.Parse("1");
var node4 = JsonNode.Parse("1.00");
// numCompare is 0
var numCompare = JsonValueComparer.Compare(node3, node4);

Assert (Unit Testing)

var expected = JsonNode.Parse("{\"foo\":\"bar\"}");
var actual = JsonNode.Parse("{\"baz\":\"qux\", \"foo\":\"bar3\"}");

// xUnit
JsonAssert.Equal(expected, actual);
JsonAssert.NotEqual(expected, actual);

// MSTest
JsonAssert.AreEqual(expected, actual);
Assert.That.JsonAreEqual(expected, actual);
JsonAssert.AreNotEqual(expected, actual);
Assert.That.JsonAreNotEqual(expected, actual);

// NUnit
JsonAssert.AreEqual(expected, actual);
Assert.That(actual, JsonIs.EqualTo(expected));
JsonAssert.AreNotEqual(expected, actual);
Assert.That(actual, JsonIs.NotEqualTo(expected));

Example output (when output is enabled):

JsonAssert.Equal() failure.
  "foo": "bar"
  "baz": "qux",
  "foo": "bar"
  "foo": [
  "baz": [


See detailed benchmark results.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the SystemTextJson.JsonDiffPatch README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.