Flubu is A C# library for building projects and executing deployment scripts using C# code.

Flubu main features :

- Net Core support - Easy to learn and to use because you write build script entirely in C#. - Quite a lot of built in tasks (compile, running tests, managing iis, creating deploy - package, publishing nuget packages, executing powershell scripts...)- - Write your own custom c# code in script and execute it. - Run any external program in script. - Reference any .net library or c# source code file in buildscript. - Fluent interface and intelisense. - Write tests, debug your build script. - Use flubu tasks in any other application. - Web api is available for flubu. Useful for automated deployments remotely. - Write your own flubu tasks and extend flubu fluent interface with them.

Programming language: C#
Tags: Build     Build Automation     Script    

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