Programming language: PowerShell
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: Build Automation    
Latest version: v5.10.1

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Build Automation in PowerShell

Invoke-Build is a build and test automation tool which invokes tasks defined in PowerShell v2.0+ scripts. It is similar to psake but arguably easier to use and more powerful. It is complete, bug free, well covered by tests.

In addition to basic task processing the engine supports

  • Incremental tasks with effectively processed inputs and outputs.
  • Persistent builds which can be resumed after interruptions.
  • Parallel builds in separate workspaces with common stats.
  • Batch invocation of tests composed as tasks.
  • Ability to define new classes of tasks.

Invoke-Build v3.0.1+ is cross-platform with PowerShell Core.

Invoke-Build can be effectively used in VSCode and ISE.

Several PowerShell Team projects use Invoke-Build.

The package

The package includes the engine, helpers, and help:

  • [Invoke-Build.ps1](Invoke-Build.ps1) - invokes build scripts, this is the build engine
  • [Build-Checkpoint.ps1](Build-Checkpoint.ps1) - invokes persistent builds using the engine
  • [Build-Parallel.ps1](Build-Parallel.ps1) - invokes parallel builds using the engine
  • [Resolve-MSBuild.ps1](Resolve-MSBuild.ps1) - finds the specified or latest MSBuild
  • [Show-TaskHelp.ps1](Show-TaskHelp.ps1) - shows task help, used on WhatIf calls
  • about_InvokeBuild.help.txt - module help file
  • InvokeBuild-Help.xml - content for Get-Help

Extra tools, see PSGallery and the repository:

  • [Invoke-Build.ArgumentCompleters.ps1](Invoke-Build.ArgumentCompleters.ps1) - completers for v5 native, TabExpansion2.ps1
  • [Invoke-TaskFromVSCode.ps1](Invoke-TaskFromVSCode.ps1) - invokes a task from a build script opened in VSCode
  • [New-VSCodeTask.ps1](New-VSCodeTask.ps1) - generates VSCode tasks bound to build script tasks
  • [Invoke-TaskFromISE.ps1](Invoke-TaskFromISE.ps1) - invokes a task from a script opened in ISE

And some more tools, see the repository:

  • [ib.cmd](ib.cmd), [ib.sh](ib.sh) - cmd and bash helpers
  • [Build-JustTask.ps1](Build-JustTask.ps1) - invokes tasks without references
  • [Convert-psake.ps1](Convert-psake.ps1) - converts psake build scripts, see wiki
  • [Show-BuildTree.ps1](Show-BuildTree.ps1) - shows task trees as text
  • [Show-BuildDgml.ps1](Show-BuildDgml.ps1) - shows task trees as DGML
  • [Show-BuildGraph.ps1](Show-BuildGraph.ps1) - shows task trees by Graphviz

Install as module

Invoke-Build is published as PSGallery module InvokeBuild. You can install it by one of these commands:

Install-Module InvokeBuild -Scope CurrentUser
Install-Module InvokeBuild

To install the module with Chocolatey, run the following command:

choco install invoke-build

NOTE: The Chocolatey package is maintained by its owner.

Install as scripts

Invoke-Build is also published as nuget.org/packages/Invoke-Build.

If you use scoop then invoke:

scoop install invoke-build

and you are done, scripts are downloaded and their directory is added to the path. You may need to start a new PowerShell session with the updated path.

Otherwise, download the package manually, rename it to zip, extract its tools and rename to InvokeBuild. Consider including this directory to the path for invoking scripts by names. Or copy to the PowerShell module directory in order to use it as the module.

Install as dotnet tool

nuget.org/packages/ib provides Invoke-Build as the dotnet tool ib which may be installed as global or local.

To install the global tool:

dotnet tool install --global ib

To install the local tool:

dotnet new tool-manifest # once on setting up a repo with tools
dotnet tool install --local ib

See [ib/README](ib/README.md) for more details about ib commands.

Getting help

If you are using the module (known issue #2899) or the script is not in the path then use the full path to Invoke-Build.ps1 instead of Invoke-Build in the below commands:

In order to get help for the engine, invoke:

help Invoke-Build -full

In order to get help for internal commands:

. Invoke-Build
help task -full
help exec -full

Online resources

Questions, suggestions, and reports are welcome at discussions and issues. Or just hit me up on Twitter @romkuzmin