Code Quality Rank: L4
Programming language: C#
License: MIT License
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Latest version: v8.0.0

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.NET Core Extensions and Helper NuGet packages. If you are looking for the .NET Boxed project templates, you can find them here.


Boxed.Mapping Boxed.Mapping package in dotnet-boxed feed in Azure Artifacts

A simple and fast (fastest?) object to object mapper that does not use reflection. Read A Simple and Fast Object Mapper for more information.

public class MapFrom
    public bool BooleanFrom { get; set; }
    public int IntegerFrom { get; set; }
    public List<MapFromChild> ChildrenFrom { get; set; }
public class MapFromChild
    public DateTimeOffset DateTimeOffsetFrom { get; set; }
    public string StringFrom { get; set; }

public class MapTo
    public bool BooleanTo { get; set; }
    public int IntegerTo { get; set; }
    public List<MapToChild> ChildrenTo { get; set; }
public class MapToChild
    public DateTimeOffset DateTimeOffsetTo { get; set; }
    public string StringTo { get; set; }

public class DemoMapper : IMapper<MapFrom, MapTo>
    private readonly IMapper<MapFromChild, MapToChild> childMapper;

    public DemoMapper(IMapper<MapFromChild, MapToChild> childMapper) => this.childMapper = childMapper;

    public void Map(MapFrom source, MapTo destination)
        destination.BooleanTo = source.BooleanFrom;
        destination.IntegerTo = source.IntegerFrom;
        destination.ChildrenTo = childMapper.MapList(source.ChildrenFrom);

public class DemoChildMapper : IMapper<MapFromChild, MapToChild>
    public void Map(MapFromChild source, MapToChild destination)
        destination.DateTimeOffsetTo = source.DateTimeOffsetFrom;
        destination.StringTo = source.StringFrom;

public class UsageExample
    private readonly IMapper<MapFrom, MapTo> mapper = new DemoMapper();

    public MapTo MapOneObject(MapFrom source) => this.mapper.Map(source);

    public MapTo[] MapArray(List<MapFrom> source) => this.mapper.MapArray(source);

    public List<MapTo> MapList(List<MapFrom> source) => this.mapper.MapList(source);

    public IAsyncEnumerable<MapTo> MapAsyncEnumerable(IAsyncEnumerable<MapFrom> source) =>

Also includes IImmutableMapper<TSource, TDestination> which is for mapping to immutable types like C# 9 record's and can also be used for enum types.

public record MapFrom(bool BooleanFrom, int IntegerFrom);
public record MapTo(bool BooleanTo, int IntegerTo);

public class DemoImmutableMapper : IImmutableMapper<MapFrom, MapTo>
    public MapTo Map(MapFrom source) => 
        new MapTo(source.BooleanFrom, source.IntegerFrom);


Boxed.AspNetCore Boxed.AspNetCore package in dotnet-boxed feed in Azure Artifacts

Provides ASP.NET Core middleware, MVC filters, extension methods and helper code for an ASP.NET Core project.

Fluent Interface Extensions

ILoggerFactory Extensions

        x => x.AddConsole(...).AddDebug(),
        x => x.AddSerilog(...));

IConfiguration Extensions

this.configuration = new ConfigurationBuilder()
    .AddJsonFile($"config.{hostingEnvironment.EnvironmentName}.json", optional: true)
        x => x.AddUserSecrets())
    .AddApplicationInsightsSettings(developerMode: !hostingEnvironment.IsProduction())

IApplicationBuilder Extensions

        x => x.UseDeveloperExceptionPage(),
        x => x.UseStatusCodePagesWithReExecute("/error/{0}/"))
        x => x.UseStagingSpecificMiddleware())

SEO Friendly URL's

[HttpGet("product/{id}/{title}", Name = "GetProduct")]
public IActionResult GetProduct(int id, string title)
    var product = this.productRepository.Find(id);
    if (product == null)
        return this.NotFound();

    // Get the actual friendly version of the title.
    string friendlyTitle = FriendlyUrlHelper.GetFriendlyTitle(product.Title);

    // Compare the title with the friendly title.
    if (!string.Equals(friendlyTitle, title, StringComparison.Ordinal))
        // If the title is null, empty or does not match the friendly title, return a 301 Permanent
        // Redirect to the correct friendly URL.
        return this.RedirectToRoutePermanent("GetProduct", new { id = id, title = friendlyTitle });

    // The URL the client has browsed to is correct, show them the view containing the product.
    return this.View(product);

Canonical URL's


Boxed.AspNetCore.Swagger Boxed.AspNetCore.Swagger package in dotnet-boxed feed in Azure Artifacts

Provides ASP.NET Core middleware, MVC filters, extension methods and helper code for an ASP.NET Core project implementing Swagger (OpenAPI).


Boxed.AspNetCore.TagHelpers Boxed.AspNetCore.TagHelpers package in dotnet-boxed feed in Azure Artifacts

ASP.NET Core tag helpers for Subresource Integrity (SRI), Referrer meta tags, OpenGraph (Facebook) and Twitter social network meta tags. Read more at:

Subresource Integrity (SRI)

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.2.0/jquery.min.js" 

Social Network Meta Tags

Twitter Cards

<twitter-card-summary-large-image username="@@RehanSaeedUK">

Open Graph (Facebook)

<open-graph-website site-name="My Website"
                    title="Page Title"
                    main-image="@(new OpenGraphImage(


Boxed.DotnetNewTest Boxed.DotnetNewTest package in dotnet-boxed feed in Azure Artifacts

A unit test framework for project templates built using dotnet new.

  1. Install dotnet new based project templates from a directory.
  2. Run dotnet restore, dotnet build and dotnet publish commands.
  3. For ASP.NET Core project templates you can run dotnet run which gives you a HttpClient that you can use to call the app and run further tests.
public class ApiTemplateTest
    public ApiTemplateTest() => DotnetNew.Install<ApiTemplateTest>("ApiTemplate.sln").Wait();

    [InlineData("StatusEndpointOn", "status-endpoint=true")]
    [InlineData("StatusEndpointOff", "status-endpoint=false")]
    public async Task RestoreAndBuild_CustomArguments_IsSuccessful(string name, params string[] arguments)
        using (var tempDirectory = TempDirectory.NewTempDirectory())
            var dictionary = arguments
                .Select(x => x.Split('=', StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries))
                .ToDictionary(x => x.First(), x => x.Last());
            var project = await tempDirectory.DotnetNew("api", name, dictionary);
            await project.DotnetRestore();
            await project.DotnetBuild();

    public async Task Run_DefaultArguments_IsSuccessful()
        using (var tempDirectory = TempDirectory.NewTempDirectory())
            var project = await tempDirectory.DotnetNew("api", "DefaultArguments");
            await project.DotnetRestore();
            await project.DotnetBuild();
            await project.DotnetRun(
                async (httpClient, httpsClient) =>
                    var httpResponse = await httpsClient.GetAsync("status");
                    Assert.Equal(HttpStatusCode.OK, httpResponse.StatusCode);

Continuous Integration

Name Operating System Status History
Azure Pipelines Ubuntu Azure Pipelines Ubuntu Build Status
Azure Pipelines Mac Azure Pipelines Mac Build Status
Azure Pipelines Windows Azure Pipelines Windows Build Status
Azure Pipelines Overall Azure Pipelines Overall Build Status Azure DevOps Build History
GitHub Actions Ubuntu, Mac & Windows GitHub Actions Status GitHub Actions Build History
AppVeyor Ubuntu, Mac & Windows AppVeyor Build Status AppVeyor Build History

Contributions and Thanks

Please view the [contributing guide](/.github/CONTRIBUTING.md) for more information.

  • VictorioBerra - Helping to create the Boxed.DotnetNewTest NuGet package.