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  • Caliburn.Micro

    8.5 7.6 L4 C#
    A small, yet powerful framework, designed for building applications across all XAML platforms. Its strong support for MV* patterns will enable you to build your solution quickly, without the need to sacrifice code quality or testability.
  • ReactJS.NET

    8.5 8.9 L3 C#
    ReactJS.NET is a library that makes it easier to use Babel along with Facebook's React and JSX from C#.
  • PetaPoco

    8.1 8.2 L2 C#
    A tiny ORM-ish thing for your POCOs
  • NPoco

    7.8 4.6 L2 C#
    Simple microORM that maps the results of a query onto a POCO object. Based on Schotime's branch of PetaPoco
  • MiniProfiler

    7.1 7.8 L2 C#
    A simple but effective mini-profiler for ASP.NET websites
  • Hangfire

    6.4 9.1 L3 C#
    An easy way to perform background processing in your .NET and .NET Core applications. No Windows Service or separate process required.
  • i18n

    6.3 4.4 L3 C#
    Smart internationalization for ASP.NET MVC
  • X.PagedList

    6.3 7.1 JavaScript
    Nugget for easily paging through any IEnumerable/IQueryable in Asp.Net MVC
  • postal

    5.8 0.0 L4 C#
    Email sending for mvc using the view engine system to render emails.
  • WPF Application Framework (WAF)

    5.5 8.0 L5 C#
    A lightweight Framework that helps you to create well structured WPF Applications. It supports you in applying a Layered Architecture and the Model-View-ViewModel pattern.
  • FubuMVC

    5.4 0.0 L4 C#
    A front-controller style MVC framework for .NET
  • Elmah MVC

    4.3 0.0 L4 C#
    Elmah for MVC
  • ASP.NET MVC Boilerplate Framework

    3.8 8.5 L4 C#
    ASP.NET MVC Extensions and Helper NuGet packages.
  • DWKit

    2.5 5.6 C#
    Business processes, Workflow and Forms in a self-hosted or cloud .NET Core solution.
  • Lib.Web.Mvc

    2.4 0.3 C#
    Lib.Web.Mvc is a library bringing extensions to ASP.NET MVC for HTTP/2, Range Requests, Content Security Policy, jqGrid and more.
  • PersianDataAnnotations

    1.8 0.9 C#
    PersianDataAnnotations is ASP.NET Core MVC & ASP.NET MVC Custom Localization DataAnnotations (Localized MVC Errors) for Persian(Farsi) language

    1.6 4.4 L4 C#
    ELMAH error logger for sending errors to
  • Simplify.Web

    1.2 8.6 C#
    Simplify.Web is a lightweight and fast server-side .NET web-framework based on MVC and OWIN for building HTTP based web-applications, RESTful APIs etc.
  • ابزار Persian Tools

    1.1 5.6 C#
  • AspNet.Metrics

    1.0 0.0 L4 C#
    Capturing CLR, application-level web request metrics. Middleware and extensions using Metrics-Net