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  • RestSharp

    9.7 8.0 L1 C#
    Simple REST and HTTP API Client for .NET
  • ServiceStack

    9.6 9.6 L2 C#
    Thoughtfully architected, obscenely fast, thoroughly enjoyable web services for all
  • Flurl.Http

    7.3 8.1 L4 C#
    Fluent, portable, testable REST/HTTP client library
  • EasyHttp

    6.5 0.0 L5 C#
    Http Library for C#
  • Twilio-csharp

    6.2 7.9 L3 C#
    A C#/.NET Library for sending and receiving phone calls and text messages with Twilio.
  • RestEase

    4.9 7.5 L4 C#
    Easy-to-use typesafe REST API client library, which is simple and customisable. Heavily inspired by Refit
  • Simple.OData.Client

    4.6 7.7 L3 C#
    Multiplatform OData client library
  • ServiceStack.Stripe

    3.5 5.5 L5 C#
    Typed .NET clients for REST APIs
  • Butterfly Server .NET

    3.2 7.5 C#
    The Everything is Real-Time C# Backend for Web and Desktop Apps
  • Nelibur

    3.1 0.1 L5 C#
    Nelibur is message based web service framework on the pure WCF. Nelibur simplifies creating high-performance and message based web services and you certainly have all the power of the WCF.
  • cryptocompare-api

    2.2 7.1 C#
    An async-based CryptoCompare API client library for .NET and .NET Core
  • Genius.NET

    1.2 0.0 L4 C#
    A .NET library to access Genius API @ (
  • RequestManager

    1.0 4.2 C#
    An HTTP request manager for .NET Core.
  • Boycotter

    0.9 1.7 C#
    Simple library for removing unnecessary properties from objects.