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  • ServiceStack Overview
    Creating a Simple Service
    Using the C# Client
    Authentication and Authorization
    Tutorial  Added by StanBright // www.pluralsight.com // almost 3 years ago
  • Project Setup
    Serve Up Some Data
    Other Resources
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  • This video is base on ServiceStack.net Hello Web Service and I start from nothing to a simple web service.
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  • I hope this article helped you to get started with ServiceStack and also got your hands dirty with it. Using ServiceStack, it is easier to build services and views and get them running on any platform of your choice. The good thing is, it doesn’t depend on any other third parties to make any of its component work.
    Tutorial  Added by StanBright // www.dotnetcurry.com // almost 3 years ago
  • Installing via NuGet
    2. Configuring Service Stack to run in your application
    the root path: /
    3. Creating your first Web Service
    The different ways of calling your Web Service
    Tutorial  Added by StanBright // mono.servicestack.net // almost 3 years ago