A library for semi-manual tests. Run a function, manually check the output. But only if it is different than last run. Built on git - stage the new version to accept it.

Although it's a nice idea that tests should verify if the results are correct by some smart logic, it not always possible/practical. For example, when testing a transpiler, it would come in handy to solve the halting problem. In that cases, you may end up with an assertion that simply checks if the result is equal to one of the valid outputs and that is annoying to maintain. This project just makes the long Assert.Equal("....", generatedCode) less annoying.

The library simply checks that the test output is the same as last time. It the test output is compared with its version from git index and throws an exception if it does not match, prints a diff and writes a new version to the working tree. To accept the new version, you stage the changed file. Or, to inspect the differences, you can use your favorite diff tool.

Programming language: C#
License: MIT License
Tags: Test     Testing     TDD     Assert     Git     xUnit     Unit-testing    

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