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Awesome .NET Newsletter » 145

Top Stories
  • 8 Ways You can Cause Memory Leaks in .NET
  • Little great things about Visual Studio 2019
  • Serilog vs log4net
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A simple to use, highly modular, and extremely configurable static content generator
Featured Package // Category Static Site Generators

.NET Framework 4.8 Released!

Update Popular Story // dotnet.microsoft.com

Introduction to IdentityServer for ASP.NET Core

Article Popular Story // www.youtube.com



A cross-platform .NET MIME creation and parser library with support for S/MIME, PGP, TNEF and Unix mbox spools.
Featured Package // Category Mail

FakeItEasy vs NSubstitute

Popular comparison
  • FakeItEasy - The easy mocking library for .NET http://fakeiteasy.github.io
  • NSubstitute - A friendly substitute for .NET mocking frameworks

NPOI vs EPPlus

Popular comparison
  • NPOI - This project is the .NET version of POI Java project at http://poi.apache.org/.
  • EPPlus - EPPlus is a .net library that reads and writes Excel 2007/2010 files using the Open Office Xml format (xlsx).

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Series and Panels for Real-time and Exploratory Analysis of Data Streams. Spreads library is optimized for performance and memory usage. It is several times faster than other open source projects.
Featured Package // Category Machine Learning and Data Science

Memory and Span, part 3

Article Popular Story // habr.com

Prism vs ReactiveUI

Popular comparison
  • Prism - A cross-platform desktop and mobile MVVM development framework.
  • ReactiveUI - An MVVM framework for .NET that integrates the Reactive Extensions (Rx) framework, enabling developers to build elegant, testable applications using WPF, Windows Store Apps, WP8 or Xamarin.

Serilog vs log4net

Article Popular Story // blog.elmah.io

Serilog vs log4net

Serilog and log4net are popular choices when choosing a logging framework in .NET. Read this guide to learn all about each framework and what to pick.
Article Added by: ThomasArdal // blog.elmah.io


Tools for building and publishing API documentation for .NET projects
Featured Package // Category Documentation

8 Ways You can Cause Memory Leaks in .NET

Article Popular Story // michaelscodingspot.com

Moq vs NSubstitute

Popular comparison
  • Moq - The most popular and friendly mocking framework for .NET
  • NSubstitute - A friendly substitute for .NET mocking frameworks

Introducing Razor Components in ASP.NET Core 3.0 - Daniel Roth

Article Popular Story // www.youtube.com


MVVM framework for people who don't like to write JavaScript, with OWIN and ASP.NET Core support and a free extension for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017.
Featured Package // Category Web Frameworks

EasyNetQ vs MassTransit

Popular comparison
  • EasyNetQ - An easy to use .NET API for RabbitMQ
  • MassTransit - MassTransit is lean service bus implementation for building loosely coupled applications using the .NET Framework.

Microdot Framework

Microdot: An open source .NET microservices framework
Featured Package // Category Application Frameworks

RestEase vs Refit

Popular comparison
  • RestEase - Easy-to-use typesafe REST API client library, which is simple and customisable. Heavily inspired by Refit
  • Refit - The automatic type-safe REST library for Xamarin and .NET

ImmutableList<T> performance

Article Popular Story // alexatnet.com

Graph Engine

Microsoft Graph Engine
Featured Package // Category Storage

Dapper vs NPoco

Popular comparison
  • Dapper - A simple object mapper for .NET by StackExchange
  • NPoco - Simple microORM that maps the results of a query onto a POCO object. Based on Schotime's branch of PetaPoco

Little great things about Visual Studio 2019

Article Popular Story // devblogs.microsoft.com

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Awesome .NET Newsletter » 144

Top Stories
  • User Authentication and Identity with Angular, Asp.Net Core and IdentityServer
  • Supercharging your Web APIs with OData and ASP.NET Core
  • Accepting payments with Stripe and ASP.NET Core
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Beat Pulse

Liveness, health check library for ASP.NET Core Applications
Featured Package // Category Code Analysis and Metrics