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Oxyplot alternatives and similar packages

Based on the "Graphics" category

  • Live-Charts

    Animated, MVVM friendly .Net charts, for WPF, WinForms under the MIT Licence (Free), written in C#, LiveCharts listens for any change in your data automatically and updates UI. http://lvcharts.net/
  • OpenTK

    The Open Toolkit is an advanced, low-level C# library that wraps OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL
  • Veldrid

    A low-level, portable graphics and compute library for .NET
  • Helix Toolkit

    Helix Toolkit is a collection of 3D components for .NET
  • NGraphics

    NGraphics is a cross-platform library for rendering vector graphics on .NET
  • LibVLCSharp

    LibVLCSharp is a cross-platform audio and video API for .NET platforms based on VideoLAN's LibVLC Library.
  • LibTessDotNet

    .NET port of the famous GLU Tessellator, triangulates polygons
  • SciChart

    Examples, tutorials, and sandbox for SciChart WPF: High Performance Realtime Charts
  • AssimpNet

    A cross-platform .NET Standard wrapper for the Open Asset Importer ("Assimp"). The library enables importing, processing, and exporting of 3D models for rendering in graphics/game applications. Over 40 formats are supported for importing (e.g. OBJ, FBX, GLTF, 3DS, Collada) and a subset of those formats can be exported to (e.g. OBJ, GLTF, 3DS, Collada). Mesh processing features allow for mesh data to be generated or optimized for real-time rendering.

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OxyPlot is a cross-platform plotting library for .NET

License Build status



master - the release branch (stable channel)
develop - the main branch with the latest development changes (pre-release channel)

See 'A successful git branching model' for more information about the branching model in use.

Getting started

  1. Use the NuGet package manager to add a reference to OxyPlot (see details below if you want to use pre-release packages)
  2. Add a PlotView to your user interface
  3. Create a PlotModel in your code
  4. Bind the PlotModel to the Model property of your PlotView


You can find examples in the /Source/Examples folder in the code repository.

NuGet packages

The latest pre-release packages are pushed by AppVeyor CI to myget.org To install these packages, set the myget.org package source https://www.myget.org/F/oxyplot and remember the "-pre" flag.

The stable release packages will be pushed to nuget.org. Note that we have currently have a lot of old (v2015.*) and pre-release packages on this feed, this will be cleaned up as soon as we release v1.0.

Package Targets
OxyPlot.Core Portable class library
OxyPlot.Wpf WPF (NET40, NET45)
OxyPlot.WindowsForms Windows Forms (NET40, NET45)
OxyPlot.Windows Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1
OxyPlot.WP8 Windows Phone Silverlight
OxyPlot.Silverlight Silverlight 5
OxyPlot.GtkSharp GTK# 2 and 3 (NET40, NET45)
OxyPlot.Xamarin.Android MonoAndroid
OxyPlot.Xamarin.iOS MonoTouch and iOS10
OxyPlot.Xamarin.Mac Mac20
OxyPlot.Xamarin.Forms MonoTouch, iOS10, MonoAndroid, WP8
OxyPlot.Xwt NET40, NET45
OxyPlot.OpenXML NET40, NET45
OxyPlot.Pdf PdfSharp (NET40, NET45, SL5)


See [Contributing](.github/CONTRIBUTING.md) for information about how to contribute!

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Oxyplot README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.