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OpenTK alternatives and related packages

Based on the "Graphics" category

  • Live-Charts

    Animated, MVVM friendly .Net charts, for WPF, WinForms under the MIT Licence (Free), written in C#, LiveCharts listens for any change in your data automatically and updates UI. http://lvcharts.net/
  • Oxyplot

    OxyPlot is a cross-platform plotting library for .NET
  • Helix Toolkit

    Helix Toolkit is a collection of 3D components for .NET
  • NGraphics

    NGraphics is a cross-platform library for rendering vector graphics on .NET
  • LibVLCSharp

    LibVLCSharp is a cross-platform audio and video API for .NET platforms based on VideoLAN's LibVLC Library.
  • LibTessDotNet

    .NET port of the famous GLU Tessellator, triangulates polygons
  • AssimpNet

    A cross-platform .NET Standard wrapper for the Open Asset Importer ("Assimp"). The library enables importing, processing, and exporting of 3D models for rendering in graphics/game applications. Over 40 formats are supported for importing (e.g. OBJ, FBX, GLTF, 3DS, Collada) and a subset of those formats can be exported to (e.g. OBJ, GLTF, 3DS, Collada). Mesh processing features allow for mesh data to be generated or optimized for real-time rendering.

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