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  • OpenTK

    7.9 9.2 L3 C#
    The Open Toolkit is an advanced, low-level C# library that wraps OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL
  • MonoGame

    7.8 8.7 L2 C#
    One framework for creating powerful cross-platform games
  • Nez

    7.5 9.0 L2 C#
    Nez is a free 2D focused framework that works with MonoGame and FNA
  • Xenko

    7.4 0.0 L2 C#
    Xenko is a 2D/3D cross-platform game engine featuring a scene editor, particles, physically based rendering (PBR), scripting, and much more
  • Duality

    6.1 7.9 L2 C#
    Duality is a 2D game development framework. Focused on modularity, comes with a visual editor.
  • Wave Engine

    3.9 0.9 HTML
    Wave engine is a free c# component-based modern game engine which allows you to create cross-platform games supporting kinect, oculusrift, vuforia, cardboard, leapmotion and much more. [Free][Proprietary]