Programming language: C#
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: Game    
Latest version: v2.2.0

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bepuphysics v2

This is the repo for the bepuphysics v2 library, a complete rewrite of the C# 3d rigid body physics engine BEPUphysics v1.

The BepuPhysics and BepuUtilities libraries target .NET 6 and should work on any supported platform. The demos application, Demos.sln, uses DX11 by default. There is also a Demos.GL.sln that uses OpenGL and should run on other platforms. The demos can be run from the command line (in the repo root directory) with dotnet run --project Demos/Demos.csproj -c Release or dotnet run --project Demos.GL/Demos.csproj -c Release.

The physics engine heavily uses System.Numerics.Vectors types, so to get good performance, you'll need a compiler which can consume those types (like RyuJIT).

To build the source, you'll need a recent version of Visual Studio with the .NET desktop development workload installed. Demos.sln references all relevant projects. For more information, see [Building](Documentation/Building.md).


  • Spheres, capsules, boxes, triangles, cylinders, and convex hulls
  • Compounds of the above
  • Meshes
  • A [whole bunch of constraint types](BepuPhysics/Constraints/)
  • [Newts](Demos/Demos/NewtDemo.cs)
  • Linear and angular continuous collision detection
  • Extremely low cost sleep states for resting bodies
  • Efficient scene-wide ray and sweep queries
  • [Character controller example](Demos/Demos/Characters/CharacterDemo.cs)
  • At least somewhat extensible collision pipeline, with [example custom voxel collidable](Demos/Demos/CustomVoxelCollidableDemo.cs)
  • Highly nonidiomatic APIs
  • Super speediness
  • And a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff!


Report bugs [on the issues tab](../../issues).

Use the [discussions tab](../../discussions) for... discussions. And questions.

By user request, there's a discord server. I'll be focusing on github for long-form content, but if you like discord, now you can discord.

[Getting Started](Documentation/GettingStarted.md)



[Stability Tips](Documentation/StabilityTips.md)

[Performance Tips](Documentation/PerformanceTips.md)


[Continuous Collision Detection](Documentation/ContinuousCollisionDetection.md)


[Change log](Documentation/changelog.md)

[Upgrading from v1, concept mapping](Documentation/UpgradingFromV1.md)

[Packaging and Versioning](Documentation/PackagingAndVersioning.md)

Check the [roadmap](Documentation/roadmap.md) for a high level look at where things are going.

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