Code Quality Rank: L2
Programming language: C#
License: MIT License
Tags: Game    
Latest version: v3.0

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Duality - A 2D GameDev Framework

Duality is a plugin based 2D game development framework based on C# and OpenTK. To get a quick overview, please visit the project page. For documentation, take a look at our docs page.

If you have questions or just want to say Hi, feel free to check out the discussions area, or join us in the chat. Also, feedback is always welcome! Bugs and feature requests that do not require further discussion, however, should be filed in the issue tracking system, directly here on github.

Latest Binary Release

You can find the latest binary release here. If you already have a Duality project, you can update your Duality version or any of its plugins in the Package Manager.

Build status:

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3.x Build status

Building From Source

If you want to build Duality yourself, you can do so using Visual Studio or MonoDevelop by simply opening Duality.sln and selecting "Build Solution". On non-Windows systems, you will be able to build core projects only and have to unload any editor projects first. When building Duality from the command line, make sure to call nuget restore Duality.sln first, so the required packages can be restored.

All framework build results will be located in the shared Build/Output folder. Sample project build results will be separate, and located in their respective Content/Plugins subdirectories. To launch any of the included sample projects after building Duality, select it as a startup project in your IDE. Otherwise, you can use either DualityEditor or DualityLauncher as a startup project.


We're actively looking for contributors. Are you experienced with Duality and want to join the development team? Look at our contribution guide.