Code Quality Rank: L3
Programming language: C#
License: MIT License
Tags: ORM     SQL     MySQL     SQLite     PostgreSQL     Dapper     POCO     MsSql     Crud     Localdb    
Latest version: v2.4.1

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You hate verbatim SQL queries with zero type safety for your code but you love their speed? Dapper.FastCrud is a fast orm built around essential features of the C# 6 / VB 14 that have finally raised the simplicity of raw SQL constructs to acceptable maintenance levels. These features leave no chance to mistypings or problems arising from db entity refactorings. Visual Studio 2019 and above is recommended.

What to expect when working with Dapper.FastCrud in the DAL?

Type safety, clean code, less prone to errors, more peace of mind, while still being close to the metal. Here's a sample for 3.0:

    var queryParams = new 
        FirstName = "John",
        Street = "Creek Street"

    var persons = dbConnection.Find<Person>(statement => statement
        .Include<Address>(join => join.InnerJoin()
           {nameof(Person.FirstName):of person} = {nameof(queryParams.FirstName):P} 
           AND {nameof(Address.Street):of address} = {nameof(queryParams.Street):P}")  
        .OrderBy($"{nameof(Person.LastName):of person} DESC")  


  • Support for LocalDb, Ms Sql Server, MySql, SqLite, PostgreSql.
  • Entities having composite primary keys are supported, however note that the CRUD operations only support UNIQUE primary keys.
  • Multiple entity mappings are supported, useful for partial queries in large denormalized tables and data migrations between different database types.
  • All the CRUD methods accept a transaction, a command timeout, and a custom entity mapping.
  • Fast pre-computed entity queries for simple CRUD operations.
  • Compatible with component model data annotations.
  • Opt-in relationships. As of 3.0, self referenced entities and multiple joins to the same target are also supported via aliases.
  • A set of "formattables" are also included, which can be used even if you don't need the CRUD features of this library but you want to take advantage of the DB mappings.
  • A generic T4 template for C# is also provided for convenience in the NuGet package Dapper.FastCrud.ModelGenerator.
  • The following mapping styles are supported:
    • Database first (limited to SQL Server)
    • Code first, using model data annotations (preferred)
    • Fluent registration for POCO objects
    • Semi-POCO using metadata objects

Active Versions

  • 3.0 Build Status Check the release notes for information about the recent changes or the readme info published on NuGet.


The wiki is a great place for learning more about this library.


Let's have a look at some popular ORMs out there and benchmark their speed:

  • Dapper.SimpleCRUD v2.3.0
  • DapperExtensions v1.6.3
  • Entity Framework Core v6.0.2
Automatic Benchmark Report (Last Run: Wednesday, February 16, 2022)
Library Operation Op Count Time (ms) Time/op (μs)
Dapper insert 10000 2,974.40 297.44
Fast Crud insert 10000 3,172.67 317.27
Dapper Extensions insert 10000 3,529.16 352.92
Simple Crud insert 10000 3,110.40 311.04
Entity Framework - single op/call insert 10000 119,784.63 11,978.46
Dapper update 10000 3,319.82 331.98
Fast Crud update 10000 3,276.99 327.70
Dapper Extensions update 10000 3,657.30 365.73
Simple Crud update 10000 3,150.76 315.08
Entity Framework - single op/call update 10000 235,678.77 23,567.88
Dapper delete 10000 2,869.64 286.96
Fast Crud delete 10000 2,916.99 291.70
Dapper Extensions delete 10000 3,106.24 310.62
Simple Crud delete 10000 3,120.13 312.01
Entity Framework - single op/call delete 10000 7,326.03 732.60
Dapper select by id 10000 1,499.67 149.97
Fast Crud select by id 10000 1,861.50 186.15
Dapper Extensions select by id 10000 2,026.22 202.62
Simple Crud select by id 10000 2,113.70 211.37
Entity Framework select by id 10000 3,665.71 366.57
Dapper select all 10000 1,449.41 144.94
Fast Crud select all 10000 1,748.86 174.89
Dapper Extensions select all 10000 1,762.69 176.27
Simple Crud select all 10000 2,281.44 228.14
Entity Framework select all 10000 6,233.53 623.35

Dapper is included for reference. All the libs involved get their own internal cache cleared before each run, the benchmark database is re-created, data file gets pre-allocated, and the statistics are turned off. The tests are following the same steps and are running in the same environment on the same number and size of records. We're happy to see that most light ORMs have matured enough over the years and caught up with FastCrud and even exceeded its speed in some cases. The really heavy ones are still trailing far behind.

You can find more details about how to run the benchmarks yourself in the wiki.

Install the main library and the model generator via NuGet and enjoy!