Lightweight data access components for generating SQL commands by dynamic queries, mapping results to strongly typed POCO models or dictionaries, CRUD operations. - DbCommandBuilder for generating SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE commands - DbDataAdapter for CRUD-operations - best for schema-less DB access, dynamic DB queries, user-defined filters, reporting applications - fills the gap between minimalistic .NET Core (corefx) System.Data and EF Core - parser for compact string query representation (relex) - can be used with any existing ADO.NET data provider (MsSql, PostgreSql, Sqlite, MySql etc) - supports both full .NET Framework 4.x and .NET Core (netstandard1.5)

Code Quality Rank: L3
Monthly Downloads: 468
Programming language: C#
License: Copyright (c) 2016-2017 Vitalii Fedorchenko
Tags: ORM     Generator     Database     SQL     Micro-orm     NetCore     Net40     Net45     Data     POCO     Schema-less     DAL     Core     Query     Relex     Ado.net     Netstandard     Batch     Data-mapper     recordset    

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