If you like your code to run fast, you probably know about Micro ORMs. They are simple and one of their main goals is to be the fastest execution of your SQL sentences in you data repository. For some Micro ORM's you need to write your own SQL sentences and this is the case of the most popular Micro ORM Dapper

This tool abstracts the generation of the SQL sentence for CRUD operations based on each C# POCO class "metadata". We know there are plugins for both Micro ORMs that implement the execution of these tasks, but that's exactly where this tool is different. The "SQL Generator" is a generic component that generates all the CRUD sentences for a POCO class based on its definition and the possibility to override the SQL generatorand the way it builds each sentence.

Code Quality Rank: L4
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Programming language: C#
License: 2017 © Sergey Kuznetsov
Tags: Repository     ORM     SQL     Micro-orm     Dapper     POCO     Repositories     Crud    

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